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Due to COVID 19 we are currently CLOSED to farm visits for the safety of everyone involved.


We are retiring from breeding and have temporarily priced our horses way below market value to move them into forever homes faster. We reserve the right to put them back at their correct price at any time. Finding a homozygous tobiano in the Barock Pinto breed is extremely, extremely rare - this is a chance to get an amazing horse at awesome prices.  A Barock Pinto is a Friesian crossed with a Warmblood, with no other breeds involved (such as Paints, Morgans, Gypsy Vanners etc).

Click "Read More" to go to the horses individual pages for more pictures and videos, all of which were taken recently and are the most current ones we have at this time. Horses are removed from the site once they are sold. So if you don't see a horse you were following, they are in their new homes or preparing for travel. We do NOT work with brokers, resellers, or third parties who want us to pay them a percentage to sell our horses.

For the past 15 years, Top Hat Friesians has produced top quality horses with excellent conformation, temperaments, and work ethics that were suitable for various equestrian sports. Through careful planning we produced a lot of homozygous tobiano Barock Pintos, which are very rare in the breed. In 2019 we expanded into Warmbloods but then in late 2020 decided to semi-retire and sold all of the Warmbloods, leaving only Barock Pintos. We put a lot of planning and work into our breeding program to produce top quality horses, however, life can be full of twists and turns, and now in late 2021, we have decided to close our barn doors for good and completely retire from breeding and raising foals. Raven and Electra are the last foals to be bred by us and born on our farm. We are keeping Picasso, Zoey, and the minis as our personal horses and all of our other breeding stock will be sold to approved homes. We MIGHT offer Picasso at stud again to the public in the future, but that remains to be seen.

We have lowered the prices of the horses to move them (many are priced way below market value especially the homozygous tobiano horses) but we also don't want them to be bought and flipped. We're looking for long term, forever homes for them with owners who will appreciate their uniqueness and value and that will treat them with the love and care that we have always given them. We will consider (doesn't mean we will accept it) all REASONABLE offers from LEGITIMATE buyers who have a plan for the horse. Unreasonable offers, tire kickers, low ballers, horse flippers, and spammers who want to send us a check with an extra $500 please don't waste our time. We might be retiring from breeding horses but that doesn't mean we'll just sell them to anyone just to get them out of our barn. We're perfectly content to wait for the perfect home because we love these horses. We will be just as selective as always to make sure they go to the best home possible that will fit the horse's personality and athletic abilities.

If you have questions about any of the horses, please call 561-288-4545 to speak with Melissa. If I don't answer, please leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as possible. You can also email us at "info @ tophatfriesians.com" without the spaces. 


PHANTASIA THF - For Sale - $12,000 
Homozygous Tobiano is extremely rare in the Barock Pinto Breed
60.94% Friesian Blood and 39.06% Dutch Warmblood (Knight of Hearts THF x William van Nassau)
Growing Baby    DOB: 3-20-2020
Color DNA is Ee, TT, aa
WFFS1 Negative for WFFS1 (Fragile Foal Syndrome), Hydrocephalus, and Dwarfism

Introducing Phantasia THF, a KWPN registered, flashy filly out of H. Bonita Goodshapes by Knight of Hearts THF. We've run a complete color panel and pattern tests on Phantasia and she DNA tested homozygous tobiano (she'll throw the pinto color pattern every time), heterozygous black (she carries a dominant black gene and a recessive red gene), and is negative for everything else. We also ran genetic tests on her and her results came back as negative for all of the following: Friesian Dwarfism, Friesian Hydrocephalous, Warmblood PSSM Type 1 gene (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy Type 1), and Warmblood WFFS Type 1 gene (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome).

Phantasia has inherited a tremendous love for people just like her sire, Knight of Hearts, and grandsire, Picasso's Masterpiece. Her personality is independent and spirited, yet also calm and well mannered, she's brave and inquisitive and a quick learner that's not afraid to try new things or be by herself. She has excellent confirmation with a nice short back and long legs with lots of bone.

H. BONITA GOODSHAPES - For Sale - $18,000
Homozygous Tobiano is extremely rare in the Barock Pinto Breed.
37.50% Friesian Blood and 62.50% Dutch Warmblood (Ringo x William van Nassau)
15.1 Hands
DOB: 5-30-2012

Bonita is an elegant mare with a delightful temperament. She is an excellent mother who is easy to get in foal and to foal out. She became a nurse mare this year when she adopted our rejected foal, Raven. She loves him as much as she's loved the foals she gave birth too. Her foals tend to be between 16 to 16.1 hands when grown. She has a kind and gentle disposition, a forward walk, floating trot and uphill canter. Her shoulder movement is loose and expressive with quick hind legs that step well under her body. She has excellent conformation that is similar to the champion Dutch Warmbloods in her pedigree. Bonita is unique in that she has one blue eye. When DNA tested, Bonita tested as homozygous tobiano and homozygous black which means she'll throw foals with colored coat patterns and a black base 100% of the time and she was negative for all other possible coat patterns. She has had four beautiful foals, is an excellent mother. She was previously started in work and has been tacked up but she hasn't been backed yet. She can be started under saddle in your preferred discipline. She has a willing attitude and learns quickly.   Read more...

NIKITA -  For Sale -  $14,000
Excellent broodmare who has delivered three foals for us. Two are homozygous for tobiano (a chestnut and white colt and a black and white filly) and the third is a homozygous black mare.
87.50% Friesian Blood and 12.50% Dutch Warmblood
15.3 Hands    DOB: 4-27-2009
Nikita has a sweet, kind, and gentle disposition and has a desire to please. She is in your pocket, is an easy keeper, an outstanding mother who is easy to get in foal and to foal out, and has had three homozygous foals for us, two were homozygous tobiano and one homozygous black. She was lightly started under saddle but hasn't been ridden in a couple of years.  You can restart her training in the discipline of your choice.  She was imported from Denmark as a weanling along with Picasso and Eike. Nikita has a wonderful temperament and is the peace keeper in the herd. She gets along with everyone. Read more...


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North Palm Beach, Florida

Email: info @ tophatfriesians.com (without the spaces)

Phone Messages: 561-288-4545

Due to an abundance of scammers refusing to identify themselves via text we are no longer using it to discuss our horses that are for sale. If you're interested in purchasing one of our horses, please call so we can speak with you. We will not sell a horse to anyone unless we have spoken to them on the phone first. If we don't answer, please leave a message with your name and the best number/time to reach you and we will return the call as soon as possible. If you send an email, please sign your name to the email. We will no longer respond to emails that are unsigned.

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