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Friesian Ink Breeding Program

At Top Hat Friesians, we have three breeding programs. The first is the breeding of purebred Friesians. The second is for the Barock Pinto, which is also known as a pinto Friesian, baroque pinto, pinto barockpfherd . Our Barock Pinto horses do not have any paint or stock blood and are registered in Germany with ECHA-ESV and dually registered in the United States with the Friesian Sporthorse™ Association. Our third breeding program is for KWPN registered, black and white pinto Friesian Warmbloods with no stock or paint blood. We called the two programs for black and white pintos Friesian Ink. All of our programs will produce horses that will excel in equestrian performance sports.

Barockpinto is a breed recognized by ECHA, The European Coloured Horse Association. ECHA is the owner of the Barock pinto studbook in Europe and are the only association able to issue official EU registration papers from the original studbook for the breed. There is a lot of information about the breed on our About Barock Pintos page.  

We are very excited to be the owners of the first imported ECHA-ESV registered horses in North America with our purchase and import of the Barock Pinto colt Picasso's Masterpiece and the Barock Pinto filly Nikita, who are part of the Friesian Ink foundation stock. They were imported from Denmark.

Friesian Ink's foundation stock includes the following horses. Click on their picture to go to their individual pages.

Picasso's Masterpiece

96.87 % Friesian

2009 Full papered ECHA-ESV e.V. Barock Pinto Stallion

Broke records at his keuring. ECHA's highest scoring stallion in Denmark.  






2009 Full papered ECHA-ESV e.V. Barock Pinto Filly






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Jorge & Melissa Alvarez 

Telephone: 954-394-2412 Ask for Jorge



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