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The timeless beauty of the Friesian horse is noble and majestic. They'll capture your heart as they did ours. Just as the Friesian stole our hearts, the Barock Pinto impressed us with the qualities of a Friesian, their unique striking black and white contrasts of color, and the sport abilities of the Warmblood. We invite you to take a look around our TopHatFriesians.com website and to visit with us on Facebook.

Top Hat Friesians & Barock Pintos is located in South Florida in Northern Palm Beach County. We began as Top Hat Friesians in 2006 when we purchased our first Friesian filly. Soon thereafter, we imported several more. Over the next several years our horses did well at the keurings. In 2009 we imported three six month old weanlings; a KFPS Friesian stud colt, Eike van de Terp from the Netherlands, and two Barock Pintos; Picasso's Masterpiece and Nikita from Denmark. Eike van de Terp was awarded Ster status in October 2013 at the KFPS keuring in Lexington, Virginia. Picasso and Nikita were the beginning of our interest in the Barock Pinto. As our dreams were coming true of setting up a Barock Pinto breeding program, the economy took a downturn and we were affected. Unfortunately, we had to sell some horses that we never intended to part with in order for our family to survive, but we still held onto the dream of one day putting our Barock Pinto breeding program back together.

After two long years, that day finally arrived and we were able to start again. We put a great deal of thought and time into the creation of our KWPN Barock Pinto breeding program. We selected and imported horses that met our specific needs by studying their pedigrees and finding mares and fillies that, when bred to our Barock Pinto stallion Picasso, would produce top quality foals that would be suitable for equestrian performance sports as adults. We also breed for temperament and looked for horses with a willing attitude, calm demeanor and desire to work. Picasso has these desirable qualities and passes them to his foals. We also wanted the same qualities in our mares so we were very thorough in our search. Now that Picasso's son, Knight of Hearts, is soon to be of breeding age, we have ensured that all future foals, whether sired by Picasso or Knight, will be KWPN registered.

When the Barock Pinto breed was started in Europe it was a cross between a Friesian and a Warmblood, specifically the Gelderlander and Groningen, which are the two breeds that were also used as the foundation for the Dutch Warmblood. Within our KWPN Barock Pinto breeding program we strive to meet the original goals of the Barock Pinto breed by only breeding Barock Pintos to Friesians, Warmbloods or other Barock Pintos. We also strive to produce horses that meet the breeding goals of the KWPN which state: that horses have the potential to be able to perform at Grand Prix level; that they have a constitution that enables long usefulness; that they have a character that supports the will to perform as well as being agreeable and good natured towards people; that they have functional conformation and a correct movement mechanism that will enable good performance; and that they have an attractive exterior that is related to refinement, nobility and quality.

If you're looking for your own Barock Pinto or Friesian, please check out sale barn to see what we have available.


North Palm Beach, Florida

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