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Bonte Fries is the Dutch name for a breed of horses that began in the Netherlands in 1957 as a cross between a Friesian and a Warmblood. Most people know this breed today as the Barock Pinto (pronounced "buh-rohk pin-toh"). In Europe it is also called Barockpinto, Barockpintoens, Pinto-Barockpferd, Barockpinto, Pinto Barocktyp and Pinto Barock. In North America this impressive breed also goes by the name Baroque Pintos, Pinto Friesians, Friesian Pintos, and Friesian Warmbloods.

The Barock Pinto is unique in that it has the appearance of a Friesian with its beautiful, thick, flowing mane and tail, abundant fetlock feathering, noble head, high knee action, powerful movement and extension combined with the sport performance ability of the Warmblood. They are usually the crowd favorites in shows because of their natural beauty, showiness, and achievements. 



The Barock Pinto Horse is an all around, very versatile sport horse with an impressive appearance. The heavier to medium built Barock Pintos with more Friesian blood are often used as carriage horses, for pleasure, driving, and can also excel in different disciplines such as dressage, saddle seat, western, or on the trails. The Barock Pintos with a higher percentage of Warmblood  and lighter build often excel in jumping and eventing. Regardless of confirmation, their magnificent appearance and natural movement provides a noble presence in shows, parades or dressage.

The willing and gentle temperament of the Barock Pinto, their high intelligence and quick learning, makes for easy training. Like Friesians, they tend to be "in your pocket" with a willingness to please and, like Warmbloods, they tend to have a hard work ethic. 

Barock Pintos are usually black and white (although you can find other color combinations - we had two homozygous tobiano, chestnut and white colts in 2015). Every Barock Pinto has a distinctive pinto color pattern that makes each horse unique and one of a kind. Within the breed, if the sire or dam is heterozygous for tobiano, there is a 50/50 chance that the foal's coat will be solid black. These foals are called Barock Blacks because they did not inherit the tobiano gene.



The following characteristics are set forth as breeding goals for the Barock Pinto.

Ideal size: 160 cm - 172 cm (15.3 to 17 hands although some can be up to 17.2 hands).

Color: Tobiano, white and one color. For all color options the secondary characteristics color features desired are spots on the muzzle, outlined in white around the iris (eye), vertically striped hooves, mottled with plate Tobiano.

Head:  Not too long, strong head, Roman nose is light and big bright eyes are typical of the race.

Neck:  Strong, well-muscled neck with a relatively high erection, proportionate to the body.

Body: Strong and compact riding horse with a broad chest, not too long in the back, well-rounded rump, strong muscles.

Foundation: Strong, dry, with strong joints, well-shaped, hard hooves.

Movement:  The desire is a sure stop motion with a good under radical hindquarters, easy, light, free, with high knee action.

Possible applications:  Barockpintoen is particularly suited to riding, driving, classical dressage, jumping, and exercises from the high art of riding. Suitable as an all around family horse for trail riding as well.

Temperament: Friendly and sociable character and temperament, and quick learner in training.  Baroque horse as Pinto also particularly suitable for the lessons of the high art of riding.



The Barock Pinto breed originated in the Netherlands in 1957 when a purebred Friesian mare was bred to a Groningen stallion to produce Bonte Nico, who was also known as Nico van Friesland.

During the 1960ís Bonte Nico was the most popular and controversial horse in Holland and often appeared in the newspaper on a weekly basis. Bonte Nico was recognized in the Dutch Warmblood breeding program but was disqualified because the Responsible Breed Federation didnít want a tobiano Groninger stallion as an ancestor on pedigrees and revoked his breeding license. However, this didnít affect his popularity at all and the breeders tried again for licensing, which brought about death threats to Bonte Nico by the Breeding Federation. At 9 years old, Bonte Nico was finally awarded a breeding license and entered into the breeding register and he then covered 118 mares in 100 days.

The Barock Pinto was originally a cross between a Friesian, Gelderlander, or Groninger (usually registered with the KWPN and also referred to as Groningen). The Groninger was also used as the foundation horses to create the Dutch Warmblood breed and shares its breed foundation with the Friesian, East Friesian, Alt-Oldenburger and Holsteiner. The Gelderlander was also a foundation horse for the Dutch Warmblood, Friesian, and Barock Pinto breeds.

The original Barock Pinto aimed for a very high percentage of Friesian blood to retain the noble characteristics of the Friesian breed while creating a sportier horse with a black and white coat color when breeding to the Dutch Warmblood. Many modern day breeders still follow the original goals of the first breeders by only crossing Friesians to Warmbloods, Barock Pintos to Warmbloods and Barock Pintos to Barock Pintos to continue the breed.

The introduction of the KWPN breeding stallion, Samber, to the Barock Pinto helped to maintain the black and white tobiano color pattern and increased the sport abilities of the breed.



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