Zoey fan Top Hat

KFPS Friesian Studbook Mare
Homozygous Black
Teitse 428 x Wicher 334
15.3 Hands    DOB: 7-19-2007



Zoey fan Top Hat is a 2007 3rd premie studbook mare out of Jitske fan Bonnie View, a 1st premie grand champion Ster mare who recently earned her sport predicate and is currently showing FEI level dressage. Zoey's sire is Teitse 428, half brother of Leffert 306. Teitse 428 is sired by Reyert 337 and whose damsire is Oege 267. Teitse has successfully competed at FEI levels in dressage. Zoey's pedigree includes many Ster, Preferent, and Model mares and the Friesian stallions Reitse 272, Hearke 254, Oepke 266, Ritske 202, Wicher 334, Lute 304, and Djurre 284 to name a few. Zoey was one of the first foals to be born on our farm. She has an amazing temperament, is very trusting and willing to work. She passes these wonderful qualities to her foals. Zoey is under saddle and has only been used for trail riding to date. The only reason she is for sale is because of her sensitivity to the bugs in our environment. She's a very special, super sweet horse that I really do not want to sell but it's not fair to her to keep living here when she has issues with our bugs.

Zoey fan Top Hat
Tietse 428
Friesian Stb Sport
Reyert 337
Friesian Stb Sport + Preferent
Reitse 272 - Friesian - Stb Sport + Preferent

Hearke 254 -Friesian - Stb Sport + Pref

Pauliene -Friesian -Stb Ster + Pref *4

Dite - Friesian - Stb Model + Prf + Prestm*6

Oege 267 - Friesian - Stb Preferent

Wina - Friesian Stb Ster + Pref*4

Friesian Stb Ster + Prf *4

Oepke 266 - Friesian - Stb

Wessel 237 - Friesian Stb Preferent

Trienke - Friesian Stb Ster +Pref*6

Enka - Friesian - Stb Ster + Pref*6

Ritske 202 - Friesian Stb Pref

Claartje - Friesian  Stb Model+Pref*5

Jitske fan Bonnie View Friesian Stb Ster+Sport
Wicher 334
Friesian Stb
Lute 304 - Friesian - Stb Sport

Djurre 284 - Friesian - Stb

Ankje - Friesian -Stb Ster

Wealtsje - Friesian - Stb Model+Pref*5

Jochem 259 - Friesian Stb Sport+Pref

Berke - Friesian -Stb Ster+Pref

Tonke fan Honey Meadows Farms
Friesian - Stb
Lukas 324 - Friesian - Stb

Sander 269 - Friesian - Stb  

Aaf - Friesian - Stb Ster + Pref*4

Tjitske fan Bonnieview - Friesian - Stb Ster

Frans 289 - Friesian - Stb

Hitsje - Friesian  - Stb Pref*4


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