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Homozygous Tobiano - Extremely Rare in the Barock Pinto Breed
Will throw the pinto pattern every time.


Homozygous Tobiano, Heterogyzous Black (carries Red)
 KWPN Registered Barock Pinto Filly
Knight of Hearts THF x Willem van Nassau
 DOB: 3-20-2020
60.94% Friesian and 39.06% Warmblood






Introducing Phantasia THF, a KWPN registered, flashy filly out of H. Bonita Goodshapes by Knight of Hearts THF. We've run a complete color panel and pattern tests on Phantasia and she DNA tested homozygous tobiano (she'll throw the pinto color pattern every time), heterozygous black (she carries a dominant black gene and a recessive red gene), and is negative for everything else. We also ran genetic tests on her and her results came back as negative for all of the following: Friesian Dwarfism, Friesian Hydrocephalous, Warmblood PSSM Type 1 gene (Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy Type 1), and Warmblood WFFS Type 1 gene (Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome).

Phantasia has inherited a tremendous love for people just like her sire, Knight of Hearts, and grandsire, Picasso's Masterpiece. Her personality is independent and spirited, yet also calm and well mannered, she's brave and inquisitive and a quick learner that's not afraid to try new things or be by herself. She has excellent confirmation with a nice short back and long legs with lots of bone. She's also inherited a powerful hind end with lots of propulsion, a beautiful Friesian neck, well defined facial features including partial blue eyes that are characteristic of many homozygous tobiano Barock Pintos, and a flashy, eye-catching color pattern that will get her noticed in the show ring. Her movement is elegant and graceful, powerful with lots of propulsion from the hind,  and she cracks us up with her little leaps into the air. She would be well suited for a career in dressage, driving or as a hunter/jumper. We are only selling Phantasia because we are retiring from breeding. Due to the rarity of her being homozygous tobiano she would also be well suited to a breeding farm because she will always through tobiano foals.

Phantasia THF
KWPN Homozygous Tobiano Barock Pinto
Knight of Hearts
Homozygous Tobiano Red/Chestnut Barock Pinto
Picasso's Masterpiece
Barock Pinto
Albano v. Susenburger
Barock Pinto

HNiko I  - Barock Pinto

Kamilla-Sarah vom Hünsrück - Friesian

Tjiki von Rosenlund
Friesian Stb

Bjoris van de Buitenlust -Friesian

Cierke - Friesian - Stb Ster

B & W Friesia
Barock Pinto

Henkie Fan'T Wegje Friesian

Ulke 338 - Friesian Stb Sport

Sanne fan't Wegje - Friesian Stb Ster

Barock Pinto, Elite

Zweitze - Friesian Rb

Brechtsje - Barock Pinto

H. Bonita Goodshapes
KWPN Barock Pinto
(aka Goshka Ringo)
KWPN Dutch Warmblood
KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Purioso - Oldenburg, Keur

Wanda -  KWPN Dutch Warmblood - keur, preferent, prestatie

KWPN / NWP Stb Ster

Olympic Ferro -KWPN Dutch Warmblood - Preferent

Cindy - KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Barock Pinto
Willem van Nassau
KWPN Barock Pinto

Adel 357 - Friesian Stb Sport  

Pepper - KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Friesian Stb

Djurre 284 - Friesian - Stb

Hermke - Friesian - Stb Ster


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