MATAO THF - $9,000

Video of Matao at three months  /  Video of Matao Taken 12-22-17  /  Video of Matao Leading 12-22-17

The following pictures were taken April 11, 2018. Matao is 11 months old and is 14.2 hands tall. The Fence he's looking over in the fifth picture is 5 feet tall.



HOMOZYGOUS BLACK COLT ~ KWPN Registered with USEF registration included
BAROCK PINTO BLACK (Part-bred Friesian)
71.88% FRIESIAN BLOOD AND 28.12% DUTCH WARMBLOOD (Picasso's Masterpiece x Bontfire m.)
Sire: Picasso's Masterpiece        Dam: h. Bella Bonita jh
DOB: 05-06-2017
DNA Test Results:  EE / aa (Homozygous Black / Negative for Agouti)


Matao THF is a huge stud colt who wants to be around people, is a fast learner, and has a willing personality like his sire.  Picasso has passed along his excellent confirmation to Matao including a massive neck and short back.  Matao will be a great horse for dressage, hunter, jumper, or eventing as he has the personality of the Friesian, excellent movement, and the sport ability of the Warmblood. This is a very tall colt and we expect him to reach 16.3 to 17 hands as an adult.

About Matao's Sire:

Picasso's Masterpiece is a Barock Pinto stallion. The breed is also called Pinto-Barockpferd, Barock Pinto, Baroque Pinto, Friesian Pinto, Pinto Friesian, and Friesian Warmblood. Picasso was imported from Denmark in 2009 as a foal. He is registered with ECHA-ESV in Germany. Picasso received the highest scores given to a foal by ECHA-ESV at a Denmark keuring to date. His scores were: Type: 9.5, Construction: 9.0, Correctness: 8.0, Movement: 9.5 Overall impression: 9.0, Total: 45 Points, Mean: 9.0. In the United States he is registered as a Foundation sire with the Friesian Heritage Horse's new Baroque Pinto Warmblood Heritage Book. He is also registered with the Friesian Sporthorse™ Association (FSA) in the Main Studbook and in the Bronze Elite Performance Book. He is also registered with the Friesian Blood Horse Registry where he achieved Sanctioned Stallion status.

Picasso’s pedigree is very special and only contains Friesian and Warmblood. He gets his thick mane and tail from the Friesian stallion Oege 267 who was known as "The Hair Man" in the Friesian world because horses in his line tend to have the thick long manes and tails that he was famous for. Picasso's pedigree has more Friesians than Warmbloods and if you go back in his pedigree on his sire's side, his Warmblood ancestor is the famous Groninger sire named Bonte Nico (also known as Bonte Nico van Friesland).  Bonte Nico was the first Barock Pinto. His sire was a Groninger and his dam was a Friesian.  Bonte Nico is discussed in the history section of the About Barock Pintos. According to the Vereniging Het Groninger Parrd, (The Groninger Registry and Association in the Netherlands), the Groninger horse is described as "a heavily built Warmblood horse with three good gaits. It is a rare, but versatile breed with a good character." The Groninger horse provided the foundation for the creation of the Dutch Warmblood and almost went extinct because of it. Picasso's pedigree traces back to the original lines used to create both the Barock Pinto and the Dutch Warmblood breeds.

Picasso is DNA tested heterozygous for Tobiano, which means he will throw the pinto color pattern 50% of the time. When bred to a Friesian mare there is a 50/50 chance of getting a tobiano foal with each breeding but when bred to a tobiano mare the percentages of a colored foal increase based on the mare's DNA profile. Picasso has a willing attitude, very calm temperament, is very intelligent and has a strong desire to please, which he passes along to his offspring.

About Matao's Dam:

Bella’s sire is Bontefire (Samber x Ico Sun x Pericles). He is a stunning homozygous tobiano stallion with impeccable Warmblood breeding. At his inspection it was said that he exhibits quality confirmation and movement. He has a rich predicate dam line. His sire is the one and only Samber.

Samber was the first and only pinto approved by the KWPN. In 1979 he passed his 100 day performance test with an overall of 160.2 points, which gained him an A pass. He successfully competed at ZZ level in dressage and Z level in jumping. His success wasn’t an accident. His sire was Pericles, Ster, Keur, Preferent, Kern, Super-Premium, one of the KWPN’s most influential, English bred, foundation Thoroughbreds. He was one of the few Thoroughbreds to receive Preferent status and sired over 2600 progeny. His offspring made excellent sport horses that excelled at both jumping and in dressage. While Pericles was best known as a dressage sire, he did some racing and jumping late in his career. In all he sired 12 approved KWPN stallions including Samber and is the maternal grandsire of Ulft.

Samber’s dam was Tina D, KWPN Ster, Preferent, Prestatie mare who produced 19 foals, many of which also obtained Ster, Keur and Prestatie status. While Samber didn’t sire any KWPN approved sons, he was popular in Germany and there he sired the approved stallion Sambuco B and a full sister Evelien. Sambuco B passed on Samber’s genes to no less than nine approved stallions in Germany. Samber also sired Sambertino, Art Deco, and Karel. One of Samber’s daughters was the dam of the famous Ed King Hill who had a successful show jumping career prior to tearing a tendon and having to be put down at the age of twelve. He left behind two approved sons and gained Prestatie status through his progeny. One of most famous successful descendants of Samber to date is the International show jumping sire "Utah Van Erpekhom" (Landetto x Calemiro x Samber) who jumps with John Whitaker.

Bontefire’s dam is Ramoro, KWPN Preferent, who was sired by the famous Ico Sun. He was one of the few colored stallions to compete in show jumping (he was known as Daz when owned and shown by John Whitaker) in the UK and at the national level in Holland, where he currently stands at stud. Ico Sun’s sire is Ico, also an international show jumper. Ico is known as “the jumping sire” with a jumping index of 108, which is well above average. He bred Nekoma who jumped in the Achen Grand Prix at just six years old.

Bella’s dam is Teatske fan Panhuys, a Friesian Ster Mare. Her dam sire is Hille fan ‘e Les, a Ster stallion by Folker 353 Sport. Bella's pedigree also includes Friesian stallions such as Feitse 293, Djurre 284, and Nykle 309 and Hearke 254, as well as many Ster, Model, and Preferent mares.

Keuring Results: 1st Premie

Catalogusnummer: 8
       Naam veulen: Bonita J.H.         Geboren: 03-06-2012            Afstamming: Bontfire BP06XX – Hille fan ‘e Les (Vb H KFPS)
Geslacht: Merrie                   Percentage Vreemd Bloed: 50%
Eigenaar: J. Hilverda, Graverij 26, 8541 AA, Akmarijp, Nederland Stap Draf Galop Rastype Bouw Beenwerk Totaal
6.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 7 7 43
Matao THF
Barock Pinto Black (Part Bred Friesian)
Picasso's Masterpiece
Barock Pinto
Albano v. Susenburger
Barock Pinto
Niko I  - Barock Pinto

Bonte Bertus - Barock Pinto

Friesland Mare, Not Known

Kamilla-Sarah vom Hünsrück - Friesian

Gerlof 294 -Friesian Stb

Friday - Friesian Stb

Tjiki von Rosenlund
Friesian Stb

Bjoris van de Buitenlust -Friesian

Gaije 295 - Friesian

Rosita - Friesian - Stb Ster

Cierke - Friesian - Stb Ster

Oege 267 - Friesian - Stb Preferent

Leena - Friesian - Stb

Bella Bonita J.H.
Barock Pinto
Bontfire M.
KWPN Dutch Warmblood
KWPN Dutch Warmblood

Pericles - TB Ster, Keur, Preferent, Kern, Super-Premium

Tina D - KWPN, NWP Stb Ster, Preferent, Kern

KWPN Dutch Warmblood Vb Pref

Ico Sun  - KWPN / AES Dutch Warmblood

Wamoro - KWPN Stb Ster

Teatske fan Panhuys
Friesian Stb Ster
Hille fan 'e Les
Friesian - Ster

 Folkert 353 - Friesian Stb Sport

Hilsa - Friesian - Stb Ster + Preferent

Wietske fan Panhuys
Friesian - Stb Ster+Pref+Prestm

Nykle 309 - Friesian - Stb

Jaike fan Vriesburg - Friesian - Stb Ster+Preferent


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