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Knight is now a proven sire. Bonita foaled a gorgeous  black and white colt that is homozygous tobiano and heterozygous black. Both Bonita and Ce-Celia are confirmed in foal to Knight for 2020. Knight is DNA tested for everything the lab offered and he is Homozygous Tobiano and Homozygous Red (chestnuts are always homozygous because they have to carry ee to be red) and he tested negative for everything else in the color pattern panels. He also tested negative for both dwarfism and hydrocephalus. He is unique in that he has one blue eye and his red tobiano pattern has heart shapes in several places.

This is really exciting news for any breeding program because...

When Knight is bred to a homozygous tobiano (TT) homozygous black (EE) mare the foal will always be a black homozygous tobiano (TT) foal that is heterozygous for black (Ee).

When bred to a heterozygous tobiano (Tt) homozygous black (EE) mare there is a 50% chance of getting a homozygous tobiano (TT) and a 50% chance of a heterozygous tobiano (Tt) but either way, he will always (100%) produce a heterozygous black foal (Ee).

When bred to a heterozygous tobiano (Tt) heterozygous black (Ee) mare there is a 50/50 chance of getting either a homozygous tobiano (TT) or a heterozygous tobiano (Tt) and a 50/50 chance of getting a black heterozygous (Ee) foal or a homozygous red (ee - chestnut) foal.

About his sire:

Picasso's Masterpiece is a Barock Pinto stallion. The breed is also called Pinto-Barockpferd, Barock Pinto, Baroque Pinto, Friesian Pinto, Pinto Friesian, and Friesian Warmblood. Picasso was imported from Denmark in 2009 as a foal. He is registered with ECHA-ESV in Germany. Picasso received the highest scores given to a foal by ECHA-ESV at a Denmark keuring to date. His scores were: Type: 9.5, Construction: 9.0, Correctness: 8.0, Movement: 9.5 Overall impression: 9.0, Total: 45 Points, Mean: 9.0. In the United States he is registered with the Friesian Blood Horse Registry where he achieved Sanctioned Stallion status. He is also registered with the Friesian Sporthorse™ Association (FSA) in the Main Studbook and in the Bronze Elite Performance Book.

Picasso’s pedigree is very special and only contains Friesian and Warmblood. He gets his thick mane and tail from the Friesian stallion Oege 267 who was known as "The Hair Man" in the Friesian world because horses in his line tend to have the thick long manes and tails that he was famous for. Picasso's pedigree has more Friesians than Warmbloods and if you go back in his pedigree on his sire's side, his Warmblood ancestor is the famous Groninger sire named Bonte Nico (also known as Bonte Nico van Friesland).  Bonte Nico was the first Barock Pinto. His sire was a Groninger and his dam was a Friesian.  Bonte Nico is discussed in the history section of the About Barock Pintos. According to the Vereniging Het Groninger Parrd, (The Groninger Registry and Association in the Netherlands), the Groninger horse is described as "a heavily built Warmblood horse with three good gaits. It is a rare, but versatile breed with a good character." The Groninger horse provided the foundation for the creation of the Dutch Warmblood and almost went extinct because of it. Picasso's pedigree traces back to the original lines used to create both the Barock Pinto and the Dutch Warmblood breeds.

Picasso is DNA tested heterozygous for Tobiano, which means he will throw the pinto color pattern 50% of the time. When bred to a Friesian mare there is a 50/50 chance of getting a tobiano foal with each breeding but when bred to a tobiano mare the percentages of a colored foal increase based on the mare's DNA profile. Picasso has a willing attitude, very calm temperament, is very intelligent and has a strong desire to please, which he passes along to his offspring.

But there's a lot more to Picasso's story than just his outstanding pedigree and wonderful disposition. In December of 2009, at only 8 months old, Picasso was severely injured. The horses had night turnout and something spooked them and they broke through a fence that separated the house and yard from the barn and pastures. Picasso fell through the decking surrounding a Jacuzzi. The vet thought he had some type of spinal injury and was almost put down due to his injuries. Picasso is our miracle boy. He fought to live through extreme circumstances that should have killed him. When the vet checked him after this ordeal he had one permanent injury. He snapped the muscle that attaches to the hip bone on the right side. It doesn't seem to bother him and his other muscles have accommodated for the injured one. At the walk and trot you can't tell he was ever injured but at the canter and gallop you can see effects of the injury. We decided to wait until he was older to start him under saddle because of the injury and we were doubtful that he'd ever have a show career. But, you know what? He completely surprised us by placing in the top five or by being named Champion or Reserve Champion in every class that he was shown in at IFSHA Grand Nationals and at the Raleigh Summer Dressage I & II.  Picasso produces offspring with outstanding conformation and temperaments. We're truly blessed to have such a wonderful stallion in our lives and so happy that he pulled through a horrific, and nearly fatal, ordeal.

About his dam:

Friesia is a eight year old KWPN Barock Pinto mare who is a treasure. Her personality is loving and kind, she loves to be ridden and enjoys work. Friesia was imported as a yearling from the Netherlands and came to live with us in 2013. She is half sister to the 2013 Barock Pinto Studbook Stallion Show Champion, Elton BP 12, owned by Mr. H. Rider who recently sold him to Romania. She has been previously trained to first level dressage. Her pedigree includes many Ster and Preferent Friesian mares and Friesian stallions such as Ulke 338, Tjimme 275, Jochem 259.

Knight of Hearts
Homozygous Tobiano Red/Chestnut Barock Pinto
Picasso's Masterpiece
Barock Pinto
Albano v. Susenburger
Barock Pinto
Niko I  - Barock Pinto

Bonte Bertus - Barock Pinto

Friesland Mare, Not Known

Kamilla-Sarah vom Hünsrück - Friesian

Gerlof 294 -Friesian Stb

Friday - Friesian Stb

Tjiki von Rosenlund
Friesian Stb
Bjoris van de Buitenlust -Friesian

Gaije 295 - Friesian

Rosita - Friesian - Stb Ster

Cierke - Friesian - Stb Ster

Oege 267 - Friesian - Stb Preferent

Leena - Friesian - Stb

 B & W Friesia Barock Pinto
 Henkie Fan'T Wegje Friesian
Ulke 338 - Friesian Stb Sport

Tjimme 275 - Friesian Stb

Fabiolaa - Friesian Stb Ster+Prf+Prestm

Sanne fan't Wegje - Friesian Stb Ster

Olof 315 -Friesian Stb Sport

Cissy fan 't Wegje - Friesian Stb Ster + Preferent

Barock Pinto, Elite
Zweitze - Friesian Rb

Ulke 338 - Friesian Stb Sport

Durkje T. - Friesian - Stb

Brechtsje - Barock Pinto

Bonte Bart - Barock Pinto



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